Flicking tees in Dubai, Seminole bans LIV boys from Pro-Member, SGS Golf Advice

Andy and Brendan close out the week with a Friday ramble on the drama and intrigue in Dubai both on the course and off the course. There is a diversion, however, to highlight the All-Burly team following up on the Kenneth Lofton chat from Wednesday. The Rory-Reed kerfuffle is covered with the new, added context of subpoenas. They ponder whether Rory should have gotten in Reed’s face and also the veil of some notion of a “gentleman’s game” being long gone. They wonder whether the Euro Tour’s best play would be to keep these mixed fields going to further the drama. News hits on LIV’s CCO leaving and Seminole banning LIV players from the Pro-Member. SGS Golf advice concludes the episode with some rollicking conundrums, including one on playing with an amorous couple.