Friday at The Open, where there’s a new Big Jon Thomson

This Friday episode begins with the obvious: is Barbasol sponsoring an opposite field event changing people’s shaving cream purchasing habits? Andy and Brendan then get to the main event, covering another eventful day at Royal St. George’s. They discuss the Mattress King’s smooth 65 and where it goes from here with 36 more holes to play. They discuss Collin Morikawa’s continued press conferences loaded with catnip for the assembled Euro press. Jordan Spieth’s day is debriefed and debated — which leads to a discussion of proper on-course snacks after he suggested he didn’t have enough food in his bag and sputtered near the end of his round. Frugal Frittelli and Grumpy Grillo also get an assessment, as well as Rory, somehow, some way finding time in the discussion. An All-English segment focuses on the Bumble Bee, Big Jon, Westy, and Temperamental Tyrrell. A lengthy round of contender and pretender closes it out as we head to the weekend at the Open.