Friday at the PGA: Contenders, Pretenders, and Tiger crossing the line

This Friday episode begins with more cat talk, but this one’s all about Tiger Woods dragging his decrepit body and rusty game across the cut line for another major weekend. Brendan hails the performance as one that will stick with him for awhile. In contrast to that inspiring show was Rory McIlroy, who is in Andy’s sights after a wholly mediocre round that put him five shots out of the lead. Contender or Pretender gets into the elite talent of Will Zalatoris, who will probably not boot this one away with a high round and will need to be caught. Justin Thomas is the prime candidate to do so, and both Andy and Brendan talk about how they’re coming around on him. There’s a LIV rumors segment around UPS dropping Westy and Oosty, and their top exec bailing after Greg Norman’s screwups. They close with some thoughts on the course conditions, players being angry about the sand and slow greens, and reviews of the Mannigcast alternate feed.