Friday at the Ryder Cup: USA, Coverage Catastrophes

Andy and Brendan are live from their Draddy Den during an NYC deluge, and are full of energy ready to dissect the similar deluge of TV commercials and European haymakers on day 1 of the Ryder Cup. They begin with an improved afternoon session for the U.S., in terms of competitiveness, but one that still had the Euros extend their lead after a 4-0 clean sweep in the morning foursomes. They go through every main character from each side, the captain’s strategies, and offer praise and critique for one of the worst days ever for a USA Ryder Cup team. They close with a segment on the TV coverage that became the main character for at least the first four or five hours of the competition. This episode was also simulcast live on YouTube if you’d like to watch haphazard visual edition of the episode there.