Homa’s win at home, an “unplayable” delay, and Tiger loves angles

This Monday episode revels in the weekend that was at Riviera, which the Shotgun Start proclaims as the Tour’s real “gold standard.” Andy and Brendan lead off by discussing Max Homa’s emotional win and the kind of resonance that winning this event at this moment had for him. They speak to the history that Riviera has on Tour and the event has in that market to build that kind of resonance. Then they get to the hard-luck loser, Tony Finau, who played his ass off but looked underwhelming in the playoff. The debacle of a wind delay and setup that was suddenly over the edge is covered in detail, with competing arguments over who screwed up. Also, is this a sign the Tour is at least trying to create a challenge or will we now see a month of play on pillows in Florida? Tiger’s dour TV appearance is discussed and Andy celebrates the 15-time major winner’s insistence on playing for the proper angles. They close with news of Phil playing the Dump in the Box classic, Rory becoming the PAC Pres, and the new LPGA match play event.