Hovland (+ others) bomb & carve Olympia Fields, Ryder Cup roster locks, and Blockie-gate

It’s a loaded Monday episode with the Playoffs in full effect, team match play rosters taking shape, and American cities to debate and pit against one another. Andy relays a tale from a boiling hot sweaty round in STL and Brendan discusses his travels from DEN. They begin with the incredible scores from another one of Chicago’s venerable championship tests and the heavy dose of wedges involved in them. There’s great praise for an outrageous Viktor Hovland closing nine, his “leap” year, and his amusing if unenthusiastic quote about the coming week in Atlanta. There’s a lengthy discussion on the Sepptic Tank, the group of superfans in t-shirts with that moniker, and his valiant fight to get into the Tour Championship and nearly knock out just a guy in the process. There’s also plenty more confusion over the FEC standings and the constant shuffling on the various cut lines. There’s a follow-up on Michael Block’s course record round at Valhalla, with some disturbing allegations and a spirited defense from sources inside the round, and from this podcast as well. The Ryder Cup auto-qualifiers are discussed, with Koepka getting bounced at the last second, and what it means for the captain’s picks. There is ample praise for Nick Dunlap’s U.S. Am win and a question about how soon he should turn pro. The KFT finals are also set up and debated, as well as Alexa Pano’s first win over in Europe. Finally, they close with Walker Cup and Solheim Cup roster news to follow-up on the earlier Ryder Cup debate — a month of team match play draws nigh!