I left a Premier League and came back a Super League

This Wednesday episode begins with Courtesy and Brendan discussing their distaste for the whole May the 4th proliferation, as well as the one liquor that never seems to dwindle on their bars. Then they spend the first 30 minutes or so discussing the re-emergence and re-branding of the PGL. They go back-and-forth between synthesis of a day of reporting from multiple outlets and analysis of the impacts of some of these proposed maneuvers. There’s chatter on DJ, Jay’s meeting, the Saudi influence, sponsor backlash, and parallels, if any, to the soccer Super League. Then they run through the usual schedule for the week, hitting on three things to watch at Wells Fargo, including a potential “heavy is the head that wears the crown” impact for the Prince of Ponte Vedra. A closing news segment focuses on Ian Poulter revealing that the new Pace of Play Policy is real and being communicated as well as Michael Visacki talking to Chuck for an exemption into Colonial.