Is there such a thing as hot weather food?

This Friday episode is late but it’s a fairly evergreen ramble about the structure and shortcomings of professional golf, at multiple levels. Andy and Brendan begin first with the Women’s PGA, where Lizette Salas is back on a leaderboard and speaking candidly about her recent struggles. There are also options on the board for ending the American drought. At the Travelers, they hit on the post-major hangover effect. They discuss Alex Cejka reprising 1953 Ben Hogan, missing a “major” and chance at the Social Security Slam because he had to play his home open on the Euro Tour. There’s debate on some KFT  “members” suggesting that PGA Tour University is insulting and that members should get priority over the college studs. News of the strict British Open regulations for the players, while allowing 32,000 fans in the gates, has provoked grumbling among the pros. Could we see some abstain from going? There’s also further discussion on the Olympics, how Ponte Vedra has done it no favors, and how NBC, with rights to both, has to balance its precious Olympics priority with the precious FedExCup. Precision Pro Flashback Friday goes back to a past Women’s LPGA Championship, when a fast-food joint put its thumb on the scale and demanded 51 years of history and regulations be thrown out the window.