Joel Beall on his Augusta reporting, Ryan Nanni on LIV Orlando and Golf Advice

It’s the last episode before we officially hit Masters week, and Brendan consults with two talented experts for two very different segments. Golf Digest’s Joel Beall joins first to discuss his fantastic and lengthy recent story on Augusta National and its tension between continued expansion and its history and identity. Beall describes the reporting process of talking to 70-plus sources, including several members, what surprised him about ANGC’s plans, the DOJ antitrust probe’s impact inside the club, and what he thinks a future there might look like. There’s also a good section devoted to the potential second course at Augusta — how far along are discussions and who might be consulted for it. The second half of the episode brings in Ryan Nanni, of Shutdown Fullcast, bloomin onion, and Florida expertise fame, to discuss LIV’s descent on Orlando, and if anyone will notice. He then joins BP to answer some SGS Golf Advice questions on a fake hole in one, losing a long drive contest to a 13 year-old, paddle tennis fraud, and taking lessons with a spouse.