JT coach changes, Bombshell NCAA golf scandal, and Over-unders for pessimists

The SGS anniversary week rolls on with this beefier “Thursday-Friday” episode. Andy and Brendan begin with a quick schedule for the week review with some above-average golf taking place during NFL’s opening weekend. They discuss the Irish Open at the K Club, where the Prince of Ponte Vedra is playing with his Town Crier during a busy pre-Ryder Cup stretch that has some Euros raising eyebrows. Also pondered is how many people will watch the Champions Tour finish vs. the NFL late games on Sunday. News begins with an absolute bombshell of an NCAA golf scandal that might involve shady dealing and cyber espionage. It then moves to rumblings of Justin Thomas putting his coach, also his father, on the backburner, which his dad has already roundly denied as untrue. There’s also coverage of Adrian Meronk’s “anger” over his Ryder Cup snub and whether LD will need to steer clear of Warsaw. The episode concludes with two different segments: over-unders that weave between golf and the two hosts’ general pessimism about their NFL teams as they kick off the season, and then SGS golf advice on caddie tipping and a “gimme” controversy.