Judging the USGA vs. PGA Tour fight, reactions to wild Honda weekend, and Seminole Pro-Member

We return from the weekend ready to discuss the Honda Classic, which, despite the weakened field, managed to entertain us as much as any final round this season. We get into the Keith Mitchell story and why his win makes the PGA Tour great. We also hit on Brooksy’s close call, Rickie’s macho finish, and Vijay turning back the clock. Then we get into a lengthy discussion on the USGA vs. Justin Thomas, and really the PGA Tour at large. We try to sort out the timeline and analyze a complicated issue, picking where both sides are wrong and where they might have a point. We go down a path that has us falling more on the side of the USGA and concluding that JT may be a little whiny. In the Masters “Fact of the Day” segment, we get into some of the origins of Augusta National during the 1930s building phase of the course. Finally, we wrap with a call to action for a friend and some quick thoughts on the tee sheet at the Seminole Pro-Member.