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It’s a lively Wednesday episode with tenuous WiFi on both ends for Andy and Brendan. They begin with breaking news that Kapalua will now permanently be the Tournament of Mostly Champions. This leads to further discussion on the Tour Champ, the discarding of history, a low net and gross disaster, and how it could be re-made by going west. That transitions to more thoughts on the NLU report about the Rory/Tiger concept and where exactly the room comes on the schedule and how best to execute it. The Will Zalatoris injury is a big blow and also reveals the weakness of the staggered start net championship. Schedule for the week has a Canadian bent to it. News of a joint Rory-Tiger venture that has eradicated vowels is discussed even though there are minimal details yet. The PGA of America’s Frisco home got its big reveal, so they dive into from Global Home comps before getting out.