Law Professor Gabe Feldman on PGA Tour-PIF documents, 3-1-3 days, and Andy’s new desk

It’s an eventful Wednesday episode, beginning with the exciting development of Andy’s new standing desk, which he adjusts multiple times during recording to his own great amusement. Then they get into the actual “framework” document of the PGA Tour-PIF merger becoming public this week and what questions it answers, and which ones it precariously does not. Notables are back on the shhhhedule for the week, which touches on an amusing 3-1-3 challenge being done by some of the listeners. Then they discuss the “fake controversy” of Eric Cole playing an invitational with mini-tour players and amateurs. Finally, they are joined by Gabe Feldman, a sports law professor with experience in antitrust who has been following the merger news from the beginning, to provide some insight on the recent document release and the road ahead navigating antitrust scrutiny.