LIV and the PGA Tour merge, Yasir and Big Jay make up, and the players get …?

Andy and Brendan record this “extra” Tuesday episode to discuss, well, the biggest golf news to ever happen, non-Tiger division? Including Tiger division? They react to the details of the PGA Tour and LIV merger announcement, which is still light on many of those details. They remark on just how secretive this process was with hardly anyone knowing what was coming, including most of the players and maybe Greg Norman. Saudi money is officially injected into the PGA Tour with a new, for-profit TBD “entity,” that has Yasir Al-Rumayyan as the chairman but without majority-PIF board control. They discuss how Jay Monahan navigated the last few years and the immediate player fury at the news of the deal. And what will the future look like exactly with a possible world tour? We will continue to discuss this massive story as more of the details emerge.