LIV Boston delivers…something? Legitimacy? An American winner in DJ

This Labor Day episode is largely a discussion of the LIV Boston event and where this disruptor league might be heading. Andy and Brendan discuss the tension between the curiosity factor from its initial events wearing off against the context for the league that builds with each event. They discuss how Westy’s abominable gag may be the surest sign yet that this is legitimate competition. They are increasingly bought in on the entertainment appeal of the 54-hole format and the shotgun start. TV deal rumors are also pondered. There is praise for another KFT finals Sunday delivering, and a hypothetical about what’s to stop LIV from taking a run at Justin Suh. They hit on the season plus playoffs format of handing out 50 cards continuing to work, but with the usual appeal for more movement once in-season. Lucy Li’s work on the LPGA is covered. They close with some spicy quotes on the upcoming Wentworth commingling, as well as some Minor League Golf Tour talk given Eric Cole’s success at KFT Finals.