LIV discontent, Xander takes aim at Jay, Sun Day Red melodrama

This Wednesday episode bounces all over the place with no real flow or plan. Andy and Brendan begin with a few unsubstantiated rumors, discuss the power of Dan Pohl, the absurd equipment advantages of today, and read some tweets from the Sun Day Red account. Then they get into some scuttlebutt on a couple LIV topics, namely an endangered species and some discontent with teammates. They wander about the results from U.S. Open sectional qualifying, outlining some of the better stories and the variety of venues that produce different types of qualifiers. At the Memorial, they discuss Jack’s gripe about the dates, and how it feels like the same song from him, even if he’s not totally wrong. They also discuss the field and a potential mid-life crisis cutthroat corner candidate. They close with news of Xander Schauffele letting loose on Jay Monahan with some fiery quotes about him taking charge, standing up, and leading.