LIV list delays, Women’s Open returns to Pine Needles, and NCAA coaches in bunkers

This Monday plus Wednesday episode begins with a mea culpa after the first episode of the week relied on information that the LIV field list was coming. So it’s a combo show of sorts, first ranting about the LIV organizational incompetencies, and then quickly cleaning up some thoughts from Colonial, with further questions about Tour golf vs. majors golf and Sam Burns’s place in that tension. Then the schedule for this week begins with some NCAA men’s reactions, notably, the overly hands-on approach by the coaches, who are now playing around in the sand with their charges. Also, the swing speeds of the field at NCAAs. Memorial gets some praise as a unique test for Tour golf. The event of the week is the U.S. Women’s Open, with a preview segment discussing Pine Needles as a venue, Annika’s return, Nelly’s return, the age distribution in the field, and a Stars of the Sandhills nominee that highlights the continued youth challengers coming through the ranks.