LIV rescinds OWGR application, Pres Cup says Tour pros only, and In-Out-Alternate?

Andy and Brendan record this from an airport lounge phone booth before they depart for Northern Ireland, so it is somewhat “muted” compared to the normal SGS. But there is still plenty to laugh and holler about, starting with an amusing tidbit on the the Monday pro-am participants at Bay Hill getting non-participating minor leaguers despite ponying up a nice five-figure sum. Then they get to the news that LIV is withdrawing its OWGR application, and what that says about the league and the rankings. Are they illegitimate? Is everyone being a bad steward of the game right now? They also discuss Mike Weir’s comments that LIV players will not be on the International team for the Presidents Cup, a statement made on March 5th that feels like self-sabotage against the larger product. The schedule for the week hits on Bay Hill and the usual amusements at that annual stop, like par-3s of the same distance and screened-in porches. They close with a rousing game of In-Out-Alternate? for the opposite field event in Puerto Rico.