LIV’s latest signees, the Hideki conundrum, and KFT Finals

Andy and Brendan close out the month of August with this Wednesday episode on the latest round of LIV signees making their debuts in Boston. They discuss Cam Smith’s rationalizations for leaving, Joaquin Niemann making his decision, and how they represent a new element for the LIV collective. That transitions to the one big whale LIV did not get — this round at least — in Hideki Matsuyama. They discuss how Hideki represents something more, a different level of star and a non-monetary aspect that maybe cannot be covered with a massive upfront fee. That then transitions to how good those who stay might have it on the PGA Tour, with the cash as good as ever and now some of the competition for it gone. There’s sadness about the cleaning out of Team Torque. Schedule for the week focuses on names to watch at the KFT finals as those last 25 spots close up this weekend in Indiana.