LIV’s relevance and the OWGR denial, Soft drug suspensions, and Golf Advice

Andy and Brendan are here to close out the week with some nostalgia — about electronics, baseball stadium quirks, and the MLB playoffs needing a staggered start as it works through its Bill Haas era. Then they get to the big news of the week, the OWGR denying LIV’s application to receive certification and points. They discuss how both groups seem to be marginalized and in need of fixing, and why the decision has some merit and where it might be clearly susceptible to critique. They discuss Phil’s tweets on the matter, and if the players collective bargaining for more of the overall majors cut will play well when only a couple of the players and a couple of the events truly matter. The TGL additions, who are not Blockie, are also discussed. Ben An’s three-month suspension for violating the PGA Tour’s drug policy is also reviewed, as both overly harsh or overly soft. They close with Friday’s Golf Advice on another handicap issue for a buddies trip and calling out someone teeing up in front of the markers.