Local rule rollbacks, WMPO love, Saudi embarrassments, and burner denials

This episode begins with a lengthy segment on the announcement from the USGA and R&A disclosing some notable “research topics” and “proposed equipment standards changes.” Andy and Brendan dissect the different areas of interest and proposals and the potential implications from a document on the distance issue. They ponder the PGA Tour’s response to a local rule option, whether this is language signaling a rollback or just holding the line, and then reasons for optimism as well as concern from this announcement. There’s also great amusement over the CT Machine page from 2004 in the document. After that opening segment, they get to the schedule for the week, praising the Phoenix venue, its conditioning, its finishing holes, and its loaded field this week. They discuss whether JT was put on some secret suspension based on the language of a recent tweet. On the Saudi International, they read Paul Casey’s statement on the reason for his flip-flop. News closes with some Reed follow-up, like the fact that his attorney had to deny ownership of a burner account and a sportsbook refunding bettors who didn’t have him to win.