LPGA is back, WGC Swampass, and PGA Tour “expands” gambling relationship

This is a shorter Wednesday episode with Brendan nursing multiple injuries and in concussion protocol while on vacation. The golf schedule this week, however, is full with a lengthy roster of events to choose from for Event of the Week. Andy settles on the LPGA’s return at Inverness for the honor and explains why it should be a great watch. The alternates list at the Cuda, as you might expect, are also highlighted. Andy does some “investigative reporting” on the expected weather for the WGC Swampass and Brendan makes sure not to run afoul of Memphis while trying to explain why this event has become a punching bag of sorts. News focuses on the Tour getting even cozier with DraftKings and the conflicts that presents as well as the possibility for a more “open” Tour.