Medalist preview ramblings and the Euro Tour’s new “Manor Swing”

This holiday weekend Friday episode rolls into the weekend with some pleasant news from Andy’s round in Minnesota this week, tales of conference calls gone awry, and the announcement that the Shotgun Start now really, actually has merch in the form of a few hats. Then they get to the news of the week, starting with a report that the European Tour has plans for a return, concentrated in the UK on what will now be known here as the Manor swing. This transitions to comments from Lee Westwood, Adam Scott, and other international players on the difficulty and concerns of re-joining the PGA Tour in its earliest months and their plans to probably avoid it. Also, they debate around this what will happen to the OWGR when the American tour resumes but the rest of the world is still paused. The strong fields that keep building in the PGA Tour’s first few events are celebrated. They close with a wide-ranging and rambling preview of The Match at Medalist, reviewing and critiquing some of the formats and side challenges, the course’s strengths and weaknesses, Shark Tales from the club’s history, how it will stack up to the Seminole match, and some intel from the ground on how Tiger might be setting it up in his favor. Oh, and Andy also tells a story about watching Jonathan Quinn play QB for the Bears.