More details on Ryder Cup Hatgate, KFT finals, and Worse for the Wear Monday

This Monday episode probably did not need to exist, but a worse-for-the-wear Brendan gets Andy on the horn for 30 minutes to review some of the weekend that was in golf. They begin, however, with an amusing unsubstantiated rumor about Viktor Hovland’s music listening. Then they get to some of their own tales from the road before flipping to the Chicken Championship and a wild Luke List victory in a five-man playoff. The KFT finals are given an accounting, with some sadness for the Gas Man missing out on a card for a silly rule. There’s also some more Tosti talk as well as some props for the Epson Tour card advancers, but not its executive tweeting angrily about the newsletter. Lastly, they close with a Michael Bamberger piece on Hatgate that sheds some light on some of the positions of Cantlay and how that story may have blown up into the runaway train it became in Rome.