More PGA Tour merger details and furious backlash, and Team Smash drama

Andy and Brendan return for this late Wednesday episode because the people demanded Canadian Open picks from the foremost gambling podcast. But first, they discuss more on the PIF, *not* LIV as Rory emphasized, deal with the PGA Tour. They’ve had an additional day to digest it as well as come into a few more details of how it came together and just how furious the backlash has been both inside the Tour and from the public. They ponder Monahan’s future as commissioner, and the possibility of the deal even falling apart. Then they get to Whiparound Wednesday, which hits on an amusing tale from the players meeting in Canada, some testimony on Just A Guy, and the incredible inside story of how two Team Smash members WD’d in the DC event and Matt Wolff eventually left the team. There’s some detail from the ground in Canada on how that event may be underwhelming, which brings us to Shhhedule for the Week and the Ecco Event of the Week, which had slim pickings but leads to a fun discussion on U.S. Open Sectionals