More Reed lawsuits, TMRW investor party, and Chicago Golf gets two USGA events

It’s whiparound Wednesday. Andy and Brendan begin this episode with just a handful of topics and no real plan during this quiet time for professional golf. They discuss the notion of “scoops” on LIV team trades being reported on ESPN and elsewhere and how it’s all just a sham to keep the juice flowing. They discuss Pat Reed’s latest lawsuit, and how LIV might feel about that continuing to make further enemies across the golf landscape, including with a place like FOX Sports, which is a target of the latest suit. They discuss the impressive and lengthy list of TMRW investors announced by that outfit, and what it means for the many still TBD details on what this actually is as a product. They discuss the Walker Cup and U.S. Women’s Open coming to Chicago Golf Club, a place opening its doors to more events and the latest in a trend of great courses hosting significant championships, especially for the USWO.