Mules on Parade, LIV rumors back, Year in Review Part 6

Well, the mules have slowed Year in Review progress to a crawl. Brendan and Andy react to a letter from a law firm signed by 21 PGA Tour players from the “mule” category, or maybe something else, demanding to be heard and wanting transparency into the PGA Tour Policy Board’s process. They read down the list of names one by one trying to ascertain the motivation and success probability of this kicking and screaming. Then they also get into Tony Finau allegedly turning away from LIV to return to the PGA Tour, but the rumor hot stove just kicking back up in full force with a few other names. Q School finals are given event of the week with a few nuggets on its return. Then they get to the Year in Review Part 6, which is solely on the PGA Championship at Oak Hill and the arrival of Michael Block into our lives. It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane when time split in two, Before Blockie and After Blockie, as well the return of Brooks to the major winner’s circle.