NCAAs, LIV DC, “Jack’s Place,” Phil’s tweets, and a J.B. Holmes controversy

Due to the Monday holiday in the United States, this is a BEEFY hybrid episode discussing all that happened in golf over the weekend with a look forward to the shhhhedule for the week. There is a lot of college golf talk at the top as Andy braces for Illinois’s run in Arizona. They discuss some disappointments, flops, and contenders for the ECCO Event of the Week at the men’s national title. There’s also lots of chatter about the LIV event in DC and some of the young players on that Tour performing in relative anonymity. Andy has some thoughts on PGA Frisco’s championship debut as Stricks goes for a Social Security Slam. The second half hits on the upcoming shhhhedule for the week, with some Memorial picks and thoughts on Muirfield Village, Rose Zhang’s pro debut, and some Euro Tour eligibility questions. News hits on Phil’s Twitter spat with Brandel and an amusing, perhaps disturbing, Internet rumor about J.B. Holmes playing as an eight handicap in an event somewhere in Tennessee.