Nelly’s gold, Prancing in Memphis, Hurried Harris and Befuddled Bryson

This Monday episode begins with feelings of vindication and delight over some high-profile confusion on the Home of Golf during the final round telecast at TPC Initech. Then Andy and Brendan get into the resolution of the event of the week, the women’s golf at the Olympics. They discuss Nelly’s gold, Inami’s charge, and Ko’s comportment as maybe the model professional golfer. They also have some final big-picture thoughts on golf in the Olympics. Then it’s on to the WGC Memphis, with a big shoutout to Honest Abraham Prancer for his first win. They discuss their unexpected enthusiasm and anticipation for this WGC, and the absolute circus that ensued in the final group implosion between Thicc Boi and Harris English. They discuss the absurd boundary fence ruling and why the Tour is setting up “bumpers” to keep balls in play. There’s also reaction to the pace of play, shouting fore backlash, and refusals to talk to the press. At the Women’s Amateur, they ponder if the winner might be a Frugalite while praising the Westchester setup. The winners at the Home of Golf, in Reno, and in Utah, also get their due.