Olympic intel, Aging Burly Boys, and Tinkering Jack

This Wednesday episode goes long on the U.S. Women’s Open but begins with the in-progress NCAA finals, which will pit Oklahoma vs. Pepperdine on Wednesday night. There’s plenty of chatter on the Burly Boys and the age of Quade Cummins, and puzzlement over Grayhawk getting to host for three years. Then it’s on to the major championship for the week, the U.S. Women’s Open at Olympic. Andy relays some intel from the grounds after being out in San Francisco this week. They discuss some comments from one veteran that this could be the hardest Women’s Open setup ever and that the young kids who can’t work the ball both ways may be in trouble. They propose their “best case scenarios” and also run through a few of their favorite tee times. On the PGA Tour, they react to Jack Nicklaus’ comments on the dramatic changes made to Muirfield Village, as well as the tinkering he’s already looking to do again. The close schedule for the week with the nightmare logistics problem has disrupted the Euro Tour.