Olympics optimism, Australia apologies, and Eastern elitism

This Wednesday episode begins with Andy bringing up the hot water Brendan found himself in with the entire continent of Australia. They transition to this week’s Olympics men’s competition in Tokyo. There is a fair amount of intrigue and optimism about an event that, if nothing else, is a moderate (moderate because it is clearly not on the format front) change-up from the week-to-week march on the PGA Tour. There are three things to watch, some nuts-and-bolts on Kasumigaseki, and picks. Then they move on to the U.S. Senior Women’s Open, where the Hurricane is being cited for insights and advice. On the European Tour and LPGA and LET, there is a mixed event with an extremely long title and superfluous exclamation points. The event of the week is a toss-up between two amateur events, with Andy’s bias for his hometown shining through. They discuss this as well, before signing off with news of Tony Romo playing the Texas State Open in a golf cart with air conditioning and doors.