Peak Coffee Golf, Bryson on the science of sound, and a nuclear family take

Great friend of the SGS, Shane Bacon, joins for this Friday episode that winds from unsolicited parenting advice for new dad Andy to the joys of watching a windy Royal Troon test the best women’s players in the world. Brendan and Shane discuss those conditions, the search for Gorse the Horse, and Lydia Ko’s early play. On the PGA Tour, they discuss the “First to Three” now going up against the “Chase for 83” as well as the many low scores at TPC Boston. Also mentioned are DJ’s refusal to pop back at Brooksy, Ryan Moore’s rest week during the PGA completely blowing up on him with the curse of Jaco Van Zyl, and Bryson’s irritation with sound travels. A news segment hits on Tiger continuing to play to the FEC, Brooks opting out of the season, and the Phoenix Open announcing they won’t build out the 16th hole like usual. Then they unearth some spicy, even nuclear, takes from Roger Sloan about the PGA Tour “abandoning” families and his “embarrassment” about it. They wrap with a truncated Flashback Friday on Seve winning in Westchester before a few more thoughts on Andy as a dad.