PGA Championship Friday: Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest Ball 66

Andy and Brendan jump on for their traditional five-year-running daily podcast episode during major weeks, but this was a major day unlike any they’ve covered since starting SGS. They begin with tragic loss of John Mills, a security guard who was killed working the PGA Championship. They discuss some first hand accounts of the safety issues observed on the ground with the gate and traffic into the course. Then they get to the subsequent arrest and booking of one Scottie Scheffler, the No. 1 golfer in the world, who got put in cuffs, rode to jail, was charged with a felony, and took a mugshot in an orange jumpsuit. They discuss the absolutely wild day from Scheffler’s arrest to his round to his post-round press conference and the coverage — all of it, the jokes, memes, reports, videos etc. What was most absurd? Will Valhalla ever get another major? They close it with some discussion on the golf course, the leaders, and those who underwhelmed in the second round and might be heading home early.