PGA Championship Preview: Rory, Scottie, Brooksy, Blockie (and Tour Board upheaval)

Andy and Brendan convene for this PGA Championship preview that was an attempt to be live that quickly became marred by technical difficulties. They begin with what has already been an insanely eventful week for Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Scottie Scheffler, and the PGA Championship. Michael Block, however, began his week with a thunderstorm jamming his big press conference return. They discuss the three big favorites, the news of Rory’s divorce and Scottie’s child, Brooksy flying under the radar a bit, and how Valhalla sets up for all of them. They do the usual quote roulette segment from a full day of press conferences, some on the course, some on the PGA Tour board, and others on Scottie vs. Rory. They pick some of their favorite and least favorite tee times for Thursday and Friday. Then they close with news of Jimmy Dunne resigning from the PGA Tour board on Monday night citing no progress on the framework deal and what it says about the current state of things on the board.