PGA Tour (but not LIV) go to Washington, Document Dump, and Barbasol In/Out/Alternate

Well, it had been a long time since they forgot to hit the record button but all good streaks come to an end. This is a re-load after it was discovered the first 25 minutes of the first run were not being recorded. NEVERTHELESS, Andy and Brendan get right back on the horse and deliver this peppy, puzzled, enthusiastic, skeptical, and amused recap of the Senate committee hearings on the PGA Tour and PIF deal. They discuss some of the Senators’ antics, the performances of Ron Price and Jimmy Dunne, and the implications of their testimony. They also get into the document dump that occurred alongside the live hearing and how the picture it paints, combined with the testimony, seems to strengthen the PIF’s negotiating position over the next five months. There’s also a lot of reaction to some of the proposals, realistic and fantastical, in the documents as well as the botched rollout of the deal. Then the schedule for the week starts at the great Barbasol Championship with another rousing round of In, Out, Alternate? There’s some Scottish Open chatter as well as LPGA and Senior Major coverage to close it out.