PGA Tour denies LIV waivers while Greg Norman flops to and fro

This is a somewhat different SGS episode focusing on a singular story, diving right into the eventful week in the continuing drama between the PGA Tour and the disruptor league, LIV Golf. Brendan and Andy begin with the Tour’s denial of waiver requests to play the London event, and what that may have wrought on Tour in the immediate future, like this summer. Greg Norman’s debacle of a week is dissected after some flippant rationalizations for horrific murders. They ponder who would have been a better choice to head up this Saudi effort, and whether it’s not too late to find new leadership. There’s ample criticism for LIV’s bumbling efforts, but also for the Tour’s response, especially as it relates to creating discipline on the PGA Tour University front. They close with a few thoughts on the likely legal battle that is coming and whether we’re about to have the last “normal week” on the PGA Tour for the foreseeable future.