PGA Tour Equity Distributions and the Annual Walk-Up Music Game

Andy and Brendan close out a fun week with the annual SGS tradition for the Zurich Classic, the Walk-Up Music Guessing Game. But first, there is joy and optimism about a new era of Bears football with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft coming to town. There’s less joy about a proposed stadium renovation. Then it’s on to golf, or something like golf with “Conspiracy Theory Friday” about the lack of publicly available data and shot tracking information this week. Then they get to the news of the player equity distribution amounts that were reported earlier this week. What does it mean and does anyone even know? The Walk-Up Music Game throws Brendan for a loop on several occasions, but he does make contact on a few. They close with the Bagel Boys Zone and a quick chat about LIV Adelaide before one Friday Advice email on a real, actual Chip Monk.