PGA Tour future without Monahan, Problems with the U.S. Open rota, Women head to Balty

Andy and Brendan are back on the horse after some post-U.S. Open travel, and they come proper with this wide-ranging episode starting with the future of the PGA Tour, Jay Monahan’s role in it, and the abilities of the current interim powers in charge. Then they move to the news of big ratings for the LACC U.S. Open and the announcement of Riviera as the 2031 host, which leads to an extended chat on the somewhat bummer situation of that championship being booked until 2040. Schedule for the week focuses on the Women’s PGA heading to a restored Baltusrol, with a brief side swerve on news of some Oakmont members concerned about that Hanse restore leading to lower scores there after watching LACC. They close with some Travelers one-and-done picks, thoughts on Xander, and a little more on Zinger.