PGA Tour’s new billion dollar deal, PIF and LIV’s role, and player reactions

This beefy Friday episode begins with some amusements from Andy’s time at Pebble Beach, watching and betting on the hapless Ams trying to play the 17th hole in brutal winds. Eventually Brendan steers the ship onto the major news of the week, the PGA Tour’s announcement of a new company with $1.5 billion in investment from SSG and the impacts of a new for-profit entity with player equity. They have some amusing inside intel from Jay’s meeting with PGA Tour staff, the players Zoom call, and reaction from multiple sides both “celebrating” and ruminating on what this means for PIF involvement. That’s the elephant in the room they discuss — can players take the next step and now unify? They also discuss what this money will go towards and what these private equity sharks will expect. Rory McIlroy’s frustrated comments from earlier in the week are given a full rundown, and contrasted with Jordan Spieth’s press conference. There’s also reaction to LIV’s announcement about “every shot” coverage and the reasoning for Jon Rahm’s team being named Legion XIII as their season begins at Mayakoba.