Phil’s PGA absence, Tiger’s and Bryon’s?! arrival, and the Craig Ranch Massacre

This Monday episode begins with tales of Andy’s attempt to fill his POD before an upcoming move. Then it’s over to someone who is not on the move, namely Phil Mickelson, who will not be re-appearing to public life to defend his PGA Championship. Brendan and Andy discuss how bad it must be in Phil-ville to not defend his title, and the prospects of a return in the safe cocoon of LIV Golf. Someone who is in Tulsa is Tiger Woods, and this episode argues for why this is his best chance at a major, not the Old Course. Also apparently playing this PGA is Bryson, fresh off hand surgery but still whaling away and trying to go. The Byron Nelson recap focuses on the Husky Boy’s triumph, and debates whether Spieth is or is not a house cat anymore. Lexi Thompson is the subject of a drive-by, but the Champions Tour is not! They close with a debate/drama about a rules quirk at the U.S. Am Four Ball.