Phil’s wild gambling, Memphis blues, Tour dysfunction, and Golf Advice

It’s Friday! Andy and Brendan close out the week with a meandering mess of an episode. There’s anger, amusement, and multiple technical issues with one mic too loud and another’s airpods malfunctioning. They start with a happy birthday for a special young listener but then get to less happy matters: a gray, gloomy, soggy, humid preferred lies start to the Playoffs in Memphis. This brings up another playoffs venue chat, and some unintended shots at a great American city, but not golf course. They discuss Jay Monahan’s press session, the pressure to get a deal done by the end of the year, and the ongoing employee drama back at HQ. Then they get to the published excerpt of Billy Walters’s book on Phil Mickelson and his extreme gambling habit, as well as the revelation that he wanted to bet on a Ryder Cup he was in. What are the next questions, if any, that should come from this apparent uncontrollable urge to wager that Phil once had? Lastly, they close with SGS Golf Advice on a horrible first date taking place on the course, and how that may be the best place to draw out the red flags in a potential mate.