Phoenix debauchery gone too far?, Career Money exemption Charley, and LIV Vegas

This Monday recording was hastily arranged during halftime of the Super Bowl so apologies for the rambling nature. Andy and Brendan begin with some great golf that probably no one watched to finish off a very stop-and-start Phoenix Open. They discuss Charley Hoffman nearly winning on a career money exemption and whether that’s proof of its usefulness or proof it absolutely needs to be abolished ASAP. Then they discuss all the social media clips of all the debauchery throughout the Phoenix Open grounds, not just on or around the 16th hole. Has the event become too drunk? Is there anything that can or should be done? Will the players demand it be toned down or is this just how it’s going to be and that needs to be OK? They discuss LIV Las Vegas and its stout leaderboard that maybe went unnoticed on Saturday afternoon.