Phony, indignant & deluded in Portland, while a “strategic alliance” strengthens

This Wednesday episode is overflowing with the bounty that the content gods continue to provide. Andy and Brendan did not intend to start with LIV, but a remark here and there near the top, and 30 minutes of harsh words, laughs at specious explanations, and many, many expletives (EARMUFFS kids!) later, well, they went on a lot about Brooks, Reed, Perez, Bryson, and Wolff’s Portland performances. There are also some thoughts about the many shortcomings and make-it-up-as-we-go state of the current LIV product. The second half of the pod is largely dedicated to more significant PGA Tour changes, including the announcement of strengthened “strategic alliance” with the Euro Tour and more various pathways to the PGA Tour. Do they need to get leaner, not more alliance-y? The John Deere featured groups are discussed as well, with one put up as the “WOAT” in the history of pga tour featured groups coverage.