Players have tough questions for Jay, Rory hits persimmon, and SGS Golf Advice

It’s Friday and we are spinning the clock to the weekend and Open Championship week. Andy and Brendan begin with an unsubstantiated run-in with a Team Smash member on the recent workout drama. Then they get to the quote roulette of players reacting to the Senate hearings, including Xander, Spieth, and Scheffler suggesting some hard questions coming for Jay and a total lack of clarity. There’s a separate section on Xander’s standing in the game. They also discuss the mishmash of narratives pushed by the Tour, and why the players are clearly right to lack trust in the leadership. Then they react to some of the startling numbers shown when Rory hit a persimmon driver at the Scottish Open, and his comments to “roll back everything” including the clubs. Lastly, they close with some SGS Golf Advice on drunkard in a PGA Tour pro-am, a HS match against an opponent in a cart, and chipping green etiquette.