Precipice of the Pancake Club, Spieth’s almost back, and rich man’s Kelly Kraft

This Monday episode begins with some thoughts on social media, a Saudi Arabia ad on Golf Channel, and Nate Lashley’s four wiggle and subsequent course desecration. Eventually, Andy and Brendan get to the more pertinent matters of Daniel Berger’s win and Jordan Spieth’s weekend. They marvel at the specifics of Berger’s squeeze cut and the more general whole package, while also discussing (or questioning) his putting line-up routine. Spieth’s weekend was more evidence of how close he is and they discuss just a few of missing parts while appreciating the up-and-down theater. The PGA Tour’s flexibility on tee box setup is also praised but they ask for more throughout the season. The nebulous rules process is spotlighted contrasting the Pat Reed kerfuffle against the penalties on Maverick McNealy and Roo Knox (now dubbed Rich Man’s Kelly Kraft). When is, or should, video be used?  They close with a few thoughts on why this is the best stretch of the season.