Pres Cup hope and despair, Billy boy’s moment, and LIV wants its damn points

This Wednesday episode serves as our official Presidents Cup preview. If you’ve come for picks, predictions, top points earner candidates, and pairings you want to see, well you’re in the wrong place. Andy and Brendan have a rambling discussion about people getting off shots at this Pres Cup, how badly the LIV losses wounded it, what happens if the Internationals win, and whether reform is needed. They also discuss Billy the Baton boy and the potential for drama both internal and abroad with the attack dog. Quail Hollow, as a venue, is panned. The later half deals with Patrick Reed heading to France to play the Euro Tour, and Greg Norman writing yet more letters to people who didn’t ask for them — this time a pleading note to the OWGR board. Both Andy and Brendan discuss the justification for giving LIV points, and the likelihood of it happening.