Proper Mid-Am champs, Japan skins game, and Flashback to the irrational confidence of Woody Austin

It’s Friday! A delayed episode has Brendan and Andy full of enthusiasm to discuss early returns at the Sandersaon and Wentworth. A strong showing from internationals in Mississippi has them pondering the possibility of the Hitman Hearn making the Presidents Cup team. Across the pond, Rory’s quote on not trading his year with anyone else’s but Tiger’s season is critiqued. News of the Japan Skins Game becoming official is discussed and the best format (not Skins!) is debated. Fan vote friday junior goes into the backgrounds of Greg Sonnier and Chase Seiffert, which re-acquaints us with the PGA Tour writing bot and introduces us to the All-time Sun Belt conference golf team and the amazing accomplishment of winning the “Florida Triple Crown.” A wonderful Flashback Friday focuses on 2013 Sanderson winner Woody Austin, who may be the all-time irrationally confident pro golfer. Andy relays some truly jaw-dropping quotes from his 2007 PGA loss to Tiger Woods at Southern Hills, in addition to a full deep dive into the career of “The Aquaman.”