Pros fight back on rollback, Wolff out of Smash and LIV?, SGS Golf Advice

It’s a whiparound Friday episode, with Andy and Brendan discussing various maladies and which occupations might be the worst for someone who is chatty. Then they get to the rough ride of the Frugalites in Central Ohio. Also out of Columbus was news of a player meeting with the USGA and continued critical comments about the MLR. Is it possible there is a retreat or a few majors just played with different equipment? There’s further information on J.B. Holmes’s shenanigans in Tennessee. Matt Wolff washing out of Team Smash is discussed. The concept of the “Reverse Zatch” is also explored. SGS Golf Advice begins with a wild tale of a player looking for a game in Beirut, and finding one in an less-than-friendly area.