Rahm heading to LIV, PGA Tour in “chaos,” and SGS Golf Advice

This Friday episode begins with the slew of reports that Jon Rahm is leaving the PGA Tour to go to LIV. Andy and Brendan discuss this rampant rumor in recent weeks becoming more “official” and what might be motivating Rahm, in addition to the obvious financial carrots. They discuss the move within the context of the Framework Agreement negotiations, which are apparently being alpha’d by Patrick Cantlay and in a state of chaotic gridlock. Is the Rahm signing a “come to Yasir” moment during the Tour’s fiddling days? They also discuss the official rollback announcement, the Tour’s response to it, and the potential for the driver head being up next for more regulation at the elite level. Then the close it out with some amusing SGS Golf Advice to lighten the mood.