Rory jokes (?) about going to LIV, The AK reveal, and going soft at the Bear Trap

Wake up wake up wake up! It’s the first of the month! Andy and Brendan are downright bubbly with a double dose of cause for enthusiasm: a first of the month AND a Friday when it’s time to record! They whiparound this episode discussing Rory’s odd/facetious/threatening/all of the above comments about the Chubby mention of him potentially going to LIV. Then they discuss the woeful ratings for The Match and if that means anything about whether it was good. They discuss Anthony Kim’s big reveal, the lack of juice around it in Jeddah, expectations, and a Jordan-in-a-Wizards-jersey reference is made. Also, did the PGA Tour take control of the Onda Classic and make it completely soft in order to cater to players. Are they further delegitimizing their product and abandoning the event’s identity? The Bear Trap is dead. The Bear Trap is no more. Blame PGA Tour Championship Management. They close with a quick round of SGS Golf Advice on setting a quota for looking for a ball for your insufferably wild partner.